Community Garden Initiative

Donation Goal For This Project is $10,000
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We have a community garden at the Walk on Water ranch that aids in teaching children and adults independence, fine motor, and general gardening skills. Contributions to this cause will go to the upkeep of this initiative, but one of our long range plans is to produce a garden big enough to provide food to the 4000+ at-risk families who visit Walk on Water each year.

We have acquired a tractor and attachments to work the land, but our next step is to acquire the land! The property adjacent to Walk on Water has come on the market. It is a beautiful 7 acre piece with an artesian well. Perfect for planting our victory garden! It will go fast as all the properties on Merritt Island are going.

What can you do to help? Funding of the property is needed whether it is in the form of a loan or donation. The cost of this piece is $399,990. If you can help in any way or know someone who would like to invest in Walk on Water, please contact us. We would be eternally grateful. God Bless you all!